Who We Are

Avalon Health Solutions, Inc. is a boutique health services research company known for facilitating value-based market access for bio-pharmaceutical products.

Since its inception in the year 2000, the company has partnered with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies on a broad array of strategy and research projects in the Pain, Oncology, Anti-infectives, Respiratory, Cardiovascular Disorders, Central Nervous System Disorders, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Organ Transplant Rejection, and Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders therapeutic areas.

Centered on demonstrating and communicating the value of bio-pharmaceutical products to stake holders, Avalon’s primary areas of expertise include: Health Economics, Market Access/Market Analytics/Pricing, Patient Reported Outcomes, Epidemiology & Drug Safety, and Medical Writing & Communication.

Additionally, Avalon also assists clients with a number of projects that reflect the company’s complementary practice areas: Health Policy Analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Training and Education and Clinical Research. Avalon’s primary and complementary practice capabilities support our clients in achieving critical milestones throughout the product lifecycle.

The company’s chief operating principle since its inception has been an unsurpassable commitment to quality and the company’s philosophy has been to develop and sustain strong long-term relationships with clients based on an in-depth understanding of client needs, scientifically rigorous research, mutual respect and trust.

In a cost-conscious healthcare landscape, Avalon’s boutique expertise is focused on elucidating economic and patient benefits of bio-pharmaceutical products and medical devices. With value-based solutions targeted at maintaining market share, product exposure and access throughout the product life cycle, Avalon’s mission is to continue being the “go-to” company and preferred partner for our clients in their research and development initiatives.

Based on this foundation of experience, expertise and a reputation for quality, Avalon’s vision for the future is to solidify the company’s position as the leader and preferred health services research provider, while staying true to the company’s core principles of integrity, scientific rigor and conducting research of unsurpassable quality. Avalon is well positioned for this exciting future.

At Avalon, we credit our company’s success to the experience, expertise, integrity, motivation and work ethic of our staff and we have been successful in recruiting and maintaining professionals who exemplify the company’s core values and principles. Our staff represents:


  • A talented group of individuals who bring a wealth of experience in a myriad of roles in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, academia, government, clinical pharmacy, and strategic business consulting firms
  • Expertise in Effectiveness and Outcomes Research, Health Economics/Policy, Reimbursement Analysis, Statistics, Epidemiology and Clinical Pharmacy
  • Motivation and a strong commitment to supporting our clients in enhancing and demonstrating the value of their products
  • In-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses
  • Substantial client-side experience
  • Personal relationships with key opinion leaders and stake holders
  • Knowledge and experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas
  • Extensive publication experience in reputable peer reviewed journals
  • Experience in presenting at national and international symposiums and meetings
  • Dedication, integrity, and maturity
  • Expertise based on business, industry and scientific knowledge

In a cost-conscious and budget constrained market environment, Avalon’s commitment to maximizing return on investments for our clients is evident in our extensive strategic alliance network. At Avalon, we do not believe in re-inventing the wheel, neither do we expect our clients to fund our learning curve on projects outside our area of expertise. True to our values of loyalty, honesty, transparency, and commitment to provide the most cost-effective project solutions for our clients, we facilitate project synergies through effective partnerships with other companies, technical experts and academic faculty who encompass the breadth of services our clients need. It is this breadth of services through strategic alliances that has allowed Avalon to be a “one-stop” source for our clients. Our key alliance partners are listed below. Not listed here are a number of qualified experts and key opinion leaders (KOLs) we bring on based on project-specific needs.

R&D Evaluations, Strategic Market Assessments, Brand Marketing & Sales

Fabian Camacho, Ph.D., Penn State College of Medicine
Statistical Expert

E. Jay Bienen, Ph.D.
Medical Writer

Canadian Health Economics & Pricing Projects

Russel Becker Consulting
Independent HEOR Consultant, Economic Modeling support

Patrick McKercher, Ph.D.
Health Policy Expert

Data Communication Solutions and Tools

Keva Health
A digital platform that creates personalized care experiences for patients through Artificial Intelligence

Some quotes from our clients below are a testament to Avalon’s success in embodying its core values and principles:

  • “A boutique firm that knows its beans”
  • “My preferred consultants (eyes closed) for retrospective database studies, observational studies, and market access support…”
  • “Offers the full breadth of health services research solutions from early clinical trials to the post-launch world – one stop solution for me”
  • “Senior researchers work directly on all aspects of projects, this translates into low stress levels for me & rock star status with team..”
  • “One on one relationships allowing for tremendous flexibility”
  • “No bureaucracy means no time wasted in BS, I can actually get an abstract out with short notice & it doesn’t cost me the shirt off my back”
  • “Lower overhead expenses means cost savings are passed on directly to the client”
  • “On or ahead of time deliverables comparable in quality to firms 10 times larger in size and budgets”
  • “Best in business turnaround times, especially on critical and time-sensitive projects”
  • “Always willing to go above and beyond and often do”
  • Never miss a deadline, no matter how emergent or challenging it is”
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Therapeutic Areas

  • Anti-infectives
  • CNS
  • CVS
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
  • GI Disorders
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Organ Transplant
  • Pain
  • Respiratory